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Shinto shrine on the island of Miyajima

Chorzów, Poland

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Seely Swan Lake

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Road, Lake shot of Seely swan lake heading to Glacier National Park

Galleta Meadows, Borrego Springs, CA

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Borrego Springs' greatest philanthropist, Dennis Avery, commissioned over 100 of these marvelous sculptures throughout land he purchased in the Borrego Springs area. These sculptures are a great place to fly, as ther...

Sanctuary of the Greccio

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Sanctuary of the Greccio

The city

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The city under a incoming storm

Budapest and Balaton trough the Dji drones

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I take some photos with my Dji Spark, and my Dji Phantom 3 professional drone. About Hungary, Budapest, Balaton lake


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Mykonos... Having fun around the island



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cherry blossoms


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Carrière Saint Martin La Porte.

Niagara Falls

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Song: The In-Between By: A New Normal licensed from Caution: Do not attempt this on your own! This video was taken from an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) operating in US and Canadian Restricted...

Россия, Мещера

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Подготовка и запуск дрона с лодки

Mt. Fuji, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

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Aerial view of Mt. Fuji summit taken with a drone.

Police relief training

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Hannover, Germany

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This has been a fun and challenging project - one challenging part was flying the quadrocopter in the middle of the city centre and in front of the main train station without hitting the overhead lighting. It has been...

Madrid, IA

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One of the coolest bike trails in the world. The high trestle bridge including night shots.

St. Moritz – Hahnensee

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Hahnensee St Moritz - wonderful views



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